We all connect with real moms.
Mrs. Nipple & Co. is a new type of influencer agency. We are exclusively made up of mothers that authentically connect with real moms every single day! Each and every mom that is part of Mrs. Nipple & Co. helps guide women through the journey of motherhood. Whether it's online through resources our influencers offer, offline in the group setting, or the everyday mom that is involved in her respective "village", we all connect with real moms. Mrs. Nipple and Co. can help get your product/service exposure and ultimately deliver a successful campaign by connecting our moms with your brand.

At Mrs. Nipple & Co. we have a deep understanding of the millenial moms because we are millenial moms. The millenial mom represents an estimated $2.4 trillion dollar market, because we control 85% of household purchases. We are not your average consumers either, we are ‘venture consumers’ — we don’t just buy products but invest in brands and want to have a stake in the outcome. 9 out of 10 Millennial moms are reading up before making a purchase and 83% of them trust blogs for recommendations more than any other source.

If you are a brand that is marketing to millenial moms through traditional channels of advertising including throwing up traditional ads on and offline then you are never going to really reach your targeted audience. We have a highly skilled team to help you develop an influencer strategy + create branded content that is organic, real, + authentic.

Navigating the influencer + instagram world can be overwhelming. It’s so important to get a better understanding around what can go on behind the scenes in the influencer space. The engagement you might see on an account might not translate to brand awareness or sales for your company. We have done an extensive amount of research to ensure you are working with 100 % authentic accounts. It's very hard to spot when an influencer might be using strategies to "inflate their influence" we call them the non-influencer influencer over here at Mrs.Nipple. The non-influencer influencer can drain your influencer funds before you can say spilled milk. They might have amazing engagement, with a ton of likes and 100s of comments so they are very hard to spot. After over a year of market research we’ve created a fool proof system. Instead of wasting your budget + time let us do the heavy lifting. You won’t regret it.

Want to keep your influencer efforts internal? We also offer a one day in person or skype course called "the goodies" a deep dive into navigating the influencer world for your business. You will continue to run your influencer outreach in house + we will help you develop a fool proof customized plan for your brand.

The Three Pillars that make up Mrs. Nipple & Co.


The Mom Influencer

We can get your product/service in the hands of some of the highest caliber of mom influencers. We have done an extensive amount of market research to develop a vetting system for all of our mom bloggers that are part of Mrs. Nipple & Co. What you see is what you get. There are absolutely no inflated numbers when it comes to engagement. Our influencers are in the 95th percentile for REAL engagement with real moms. The influencers on our team do not use pods or purchase fake followers/likes which is not always the case in this industry. Each one of them will exceed your expectations. You can work with one of our influencers or all of our moms as one large collective. Either way you only deal with one contract and one point of contact. We take care of the rest!

The Mom Coach

We can get your product/service into the group setting. More and more support studios and mom groups are popping up across the country. These groups help bring women together face to face. There is not a more important time in a women's life to connect in real life with other moms then during the journey of motherhood. We are seeing a large shift towards taking these intimate conversations offline, when possible. We can connect your brand with specific mom groups that run all year long with moms and moms to be.

The Everyday Mom

Sometimes you just want to reach the everyday mom. Let's be real, all moms like to talk with their mom friends about what's working. We have many women signed up as part of our everyday mom sample program. Get your product in the hands of the everyday mom. These women are involved in their respective communities, are active on social platforms with their friends and families and are ready to share their thoughts about your product or service. They are full time working moms , stay at home moms, a.k.a "CEOs of their household", part time working... moms of 1 or 4 or 7 (bless them) They are the everyday modern mom.

Let's be mom friends!

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"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers."
-Rudyard Kipling

Mrs. Nipple co.



Other ways we love to help out around here? Product photography, video production, content creation + events to help bring your brand to the next level.